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ML115 G5 Slow Mouse Response With Server 2003

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ML115 G5 Slow Mouse Response With Server 2003

Hi All,

I have a ML115 G5 server running SBS 2003. One of the drives in the RAID array died and instead of continuing as it should on the other drive, it restarted and was missing system files on the drive that was still good. I put the drive in another machine, and all data was recoverable... so I decided to reload the OS on two new HP SATA drives. My theory as to why it wasn't bootable is that write caching was enabled by default and when the drive crashed it corrupted files on the good drive... anyone else had that problem with this model?

Anyway, I started a reinstall on the new drive set, and the OS loads perfectly, I can load drivers, and then Windows updates. Everything works fine until the updates, then the mouse is noticeably slower an the system seems considerably slower when clicking on icons, etc. Does anyone know if there is a specific Windows update that conflicts with this model server? I'm leaning towards .Net Framework 3.5 but I'm not sure.

I already had the motherboard & RAM replaced by HP under warranty in the past because the machine was blue screening, and the drive set is new, so there is really nothing else to replace.

Any ideas?