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ML115 G5 and RAID

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ML115 G5 and RAID

Last time I set up an ML115, it was with a simple, single RAID drive and I used the 'Easy Setup' CD.

I need to set up a new ML115 G5 server with twin 1TB drives as RAID 1. My understanding of the RAID is that it is software based and if I use the built-in software RAID, I can't use the Setup CD.

I'm wondering whether I would be better off installing a RAID card. This would presumably give better performance. Also can anyone tell me
1. Would I need to disable/configure anything in BIOS, or would the drives on the RAID card just "transparently" appear to the Server as a single drive.

2. Would I then be able to use the Easy Setup CD??

If so, any suggestions for a medium quality (i.e. not too expensive) RAID card??

Re: ML115 G5 and RAID


If you buy a raid controller you set up the array in the controller bios.

If you buy a smart array controller you can use the easy setup cd.

Hopes this helps you and sorry for the late reply
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