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ML115 G5 - no POST with 8GB RAM

T Hawkins
Occasional Visitor

ML115 G5 - no POST with 8GB RAM

I have a ML115 G5 (Dual core Opeteron 1214) which refuses to POST when all 4 DIMM slots are occupied - (4x 2GB). With two DIMMS insrted it works OK. I have updated the system ROM to the one dated 29/7/2009 and in turn that updated the BMC to 3.11. All 4 PCI\e\x slots are in use (3 NICs + SAS controller)

I have two other ML115's running in the same configuration , with in actual fact, older ROM versions and they operate with no problem.

Any ideas?


Re: ML115 G5 - no POST with 8GB RAM

If other ML115 is working well with 4x2GB RAM and this one dosent, I think you need a system board replacement.

Also try swapping Processor before replacing system board.
Johan Guldmyr
Honored Contributor

Re: ML115 G5 - no POST with 8GB RAM

Are you sure the DIMMs are all OK?
If it works with two, does it work OK in any combination of two?

If they do, then it may be CPU or system board.

The other ML115 do they have identical DIMMs as in this one? (Like if you check on the DIMMs and check revisions etc?).