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ML115 G5 with 4 x 1.5TB drives in RAID 5

Occasional Advisor

ML115 G5 with 4 x 1.5TB drives in RAID 5

I know that the ML115 G5 isn't supposed to support this sort of HDD setup/size but this is how I got this configuration working.

I had to add an additional RAID card (Startech 4 port RAID 0,1 Sata for around £40.00), 2 x 160GB drives and a couple of 5.25" to 3.5" bay convertors.
- This setup means losing the CD drive to the additional HDDs after you've installed the O/S but you can pick up an external USB CD/DVD drive for pretty cheap nowadays.
Use the bay convertors to fit the dedicated O/S HDDs.

The Startech RAID PCI card has the two 160GB drives connected and setup as RAID 1 and the nVidia RAID5 controller has the four 1.5TB drives connected. (MBR partition).

Windows Server 2008 x64 was installed on the RAID1 array (press F6 and load the downloaded StarTech drivers to get it to recognise the 160GB RAID1 array).

Once Server 2008 was installed I logged on and ran the latest nVidia Raid driver package BUT with the HP nvidia storage controller files 'hacked' in. (See previous ML115 G5 thread on how I did this).

Once the nVidia tool has built the RAID5 array, go to the Disk Management Utility within Computer Management and right click the RAID5 array. Select convert to GPT and then partition to how you see fit.

If you have problems with the nVida Raid tool you may need to re-run the Server 2008 setup from CD, F6 - load the nVidia drivers and format the partition within the Server 2008 setup. Reset the server and try right-click convert in Disk Management again.

I'm using nVidia Raid driver version