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ML115 Network Duplex Error

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ML115 Network Duplex Error

I have a ML115 G5 Server, and have found that the NIC Duplex keeps changing to Half Duplex.

The switch / network cables have been swopped, for a different make.
The OS has been changed from 2003, to Citrix XenServer. It was changing the Duplex on both OS installs.

I now think that it’s the network card in the server.

Looking on the HP website there is updated firmware. But there is no offline update, is there any way I can try updating the firmware from a USB pen? Or from XenServer?

Has anyone else ahs this issue? If so what was the fix? New Network Card?
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Re: ML115 Network Duplex Error

hmm well here we go.... install latest firmware using this boot utility〈=en&cc=us&idx=1&mode=4&

also note =

what is this card connected to hub or switch.
the connected controls the operation mode of the card, hub can cause connection to be forced to half duplex.

if you have actuall errors, I would you stick with autoneg allround . switches that don't autoneg correctly, well you might consider either a firmware upgrade, or replacing the switch as modern switches support these options

When both sides of the link are set to autoneg, they will negotiate
the duplex setting and select full duplex if both sides can do

If one side is hardcoded and not using autoneg, the autoneg process
fails and the side trying to autoneg is required by rules to use
half-duplex mode.

If one side is using half-duplex, and the other is using full-duplex,
then issues occur

hint ;)

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