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ML115 STOP:0x0000007B Server 2003 in place upgrade

Occasional Contributor

ML115 STOP:0x0000007B Server 2003 in place upgrade

My ML115 has been running quite happily for about a year. I now have a requirement to do a Windows 2003 server in place upgrade (to fix a Windows problem) - so I boot into Windows and start the upgrade. The machine reboots and I eventually get to the boot menu option to either boot the installed version of Windows or continue with the upgrade (Windows setup).


If I select the upgrade I am going through exactly the same process as I went through when I first built the server. I have the NVidia Mediashield drivers as referenced here on a USB key using the internal USB slot forced to appear as a floppy drive. So as Windows setup starts I hit F6 and select the two drivers from the floppy. However I still get the blue screen and stop message. I have tried a couple of different versions of the drivers but same problem.


If I restart the machine and select the existing installation of Windows from the boot menu it boots into windows just fine.


Any ideas as to what I may have overlooked?