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ML115 has died

Occasional Contributor

ML115 has died

Our Proliant ML115 has been running well for a few years.  Today it suddenly died.


At one stage there was a message on the screen about 'BMC not responding', but now it doesn't even get as far as the BIOS screen.


When plugged in to the mains, the green LED on the motherboard and the amber power LED on the front of the case take about a minute to light up.  Pressing the power button gives no response at all.


I've tested the PSU, and it's showing all the right voltages.  The server doesn't have a remote management card.


Any suggestions as to what to try next?  I'll try a new PSU in the morning when I've got access to one.





Occasional Contributor

Re: ML115 has died

OK, a new PSU has solved the problem.