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ML115G5 PSU replacement...?

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ML115G5 PSU replacement...?

My ML115G5 that serves my database died over the weekend: no LED showing and no power up. I'm assuming I need a new PSU but is there anyway I can check this before I buy one? How easy is to replace? Is there a replacemet guide anywhere (I have tried to look but couldn't see anything)?

Johan Guldmyr
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Re: ML115G5 PSU replacement...?



there's a video even of how to replace it :)


Check the connectors on the system board and other places where the PSU is connected.

See any burnt marks or smell any bad smells? You may need to replace something more.

Perhaps there are leds on the system board - if any of those lit up that might provide further hints.


Also, don't forget to check incoming power (different cable or different power source/socket)

Mark Matthews
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Re: ML115G5 PSU replacement...?


I've experienced this very fault with this very model of server...
I thought it was the PSU also, ordered a new one and got exactly the same thing.
It turned out to be the system board at fault...


There is an easy way to test any ATX based PSU. (Probably NOT recommended by HP though!)

Unplug the mains cable from the PSU.
Unplug the PSU totally from everything in the computer.

On the main motherboard connector find a black and green wire together.

Short these out with a paperclip or similar.
Plug the mains cable in and if the PSU fans / LEDs power up, then the PSU is good.

Also if you know your way around a voltmeter, you can measure the voltage at the drive molex connectors to see if you get both the 5v and 12v rails...





(Disclaimer: I'm not accepting any responsibility if you blow the computer or yourself up!)


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