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ML150 G2 Controller P/N 370900-001

Eric Renaux
Occasional Visitor

ML150 G2 Controller P/N 370900-001

Could we get ANY information on exactly what this controller is/does ?!!

I realize that it is an Adaptec AIC-7901X SCSI controller) but searching the HP/Compaq website yields no results for a quickspec, config. guide or otherwise...

Some seem to think that it can support mirroring, others are of the opinion that it does not support external tape devices as it does not have any external connector of any kind.

I as a Compaq ASE find it unbelievable that a controller that ships STANDARD with a server grade machine has ZERO documentation on the manufacturer's website ?

At any rate, any specific information (links/documents) would be greatly appreciated as none of the "generic" HP/Compaq support pages seem to have anything on this specific P/N !

Thanks !

Re: ML150 G2 Controller P/N 370900-001


check out you OARS an ASE you should have access to this....I'm only an APS and get it...!

Deatils for ML150G2 SCSI controllers as follows.....

374654-B21 Options Part No = 64-Bit/133MHz Single Channel Ultra320 SCSI HBA

373239-001 Spares Part No = Adaptec 7901 SCSI PCI controller card

Different descriptions but same part, I suspect = Bog standard SCSI Controller (single channel)

If you want RAID (as some people have mentioned) you need the following =ML100 SCSI RAID PCI controller (ADAPTEC ASR2120S 64BIT/66MHZ U320, 1 Channel RAID model) Spares 325609-001.

Suspect you have a dodgy part no for the card you have hence the lack of details......Having said that OARS doent have any specific setup guides for the card, reagrdless

You would assume that any recent version SS would support it and install your OS though

Hope this helps.....!