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William LaBarre
Occasional Visitor


While we wait for these to arrive, I'm trying to get ahead of the curve on preinstalls.

Anyone familiar with these models know what chipset is used by the SATA controller card? I have to source the correct driver.
Honored Contributor

Re: ML150 G2 SATA

Hi William,

There isn't a lot of detail in the spec. for the ML150-G2 on the SATA controller however on the Windows 2003 HP support link it gives a clue since the management package for the SATA controller is the Adaptec Storage Manager for Windows.

The board is a 4-port SATA model which is plugged into a PCI slot. I will assume that it is based on the Adaptec 2410SA however this will probably have HP BIOS so don't use the Adaptec BIOS on it.

A link to the 2410SA is given below.

Download the correct drivers for your selected O/S from the following link. Choose ML150 G2 and then your O/S from the drop-down boxes. Once you get to the correct O/S page you can go to Driver-Storage Controller for your drivers.

I hope this helps.


Vincent Syrek
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Re: ML150 G2 SATA

so do we know for sure that the included 4-port SATA actually provides hardware RAID? we have one on order for a customer and were under the impression it could do 0+1...