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ML150 G2 Self-Shutdown

Raymond Tejano
Occasional Visitor

ML150 G2 Self-Shutdown

Hello to all,

Our Proliant ML150 G2 Server shuts down itself intermittent for weeks now. I've looked into the bios system event log and I am getting these event message(s):

Sensor Type: 07-Processor
Sensor Number: 55-Therm-Trip0
SEL Event Type: 03-Digital Discrete
Event Description: State Asserted
SEL Event Data: 01 FF FF
Generator ID: 02 00

What does this message mean? Does this concern cpu temperature? Is the sporadic server shutdown related to this event? Our server is housed in a rack cabinet and with ample air conditioning. Unfortunately I am having difficulty looking for docs in HPs website resources explaining this event message.

At the moment, I have disabled cpu thermal management in the bios but I am not sure if this is the right decision. Any help will be appreciated.

James ~ Happy Dude
Honored Contributor

Re: ML150 G2 Self-Shutdown

Hello Raymond,

Yea seems like Thermal issue. Is there any amber led on the system board ?

If you look at the processor, do you see the thremal grease wearing off ??... in case the server is very old.

I dont think disabling thermal management in BIOS is a good idea.

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Re: ML150 G2 Self-Shutdown

Some more things you can check:

1. Whether all media blanks (CD drive), hard drive / hard drive blanks are installed are installed (improper air flow can cause overheat conditions).

2. Whether the fans are working (front system fan & rear system fan, heatsink fan), and if they are held in place by fan holders.

Here is the maintenance & service guide for the server, you could check if everything else is in place as well.