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ML150 G2 Shutdown Problem

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ML150 G2 Shutdown Problem

I've recently set up a new ML150 G2 server with Windows Server 2003, which we use as a terminal server. It's fine except for one annoying glitch in that when I attempt a shutdown from windows, it always restarts instead of shutting down. The BIOS ia version 1.57, which I believe is the latest for this model. Has anyone any ideas?
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Re: ML150 G2 Shutdown Problem


you know something same issue was happening to several dl380 G5 servers with the same situation and it was a driver issue - NIC Card Driver but this is completely different server

so let me ask you:
do you have the latest drivers for all the components?

check that and let us know

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Re: ML150 G2 Shutdown Problem


there are some known issues with the reboot instead of shutdown...If you stop the watchdog from the BIOS, you will maybe receive a BSOD with Stop 0x9c. This is in most cases caused from the MS storport.sys driver.

Other known issues in MS Knowledge base are with FC HBAs(I doubt in your case) and sas/sata smart array drivers.