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ML150 G2 sometime doesn't start

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ML150 G2 sometime doesn't start

I'm now facing a very strange problem (form me)...

Our company turn on the Prolian server ML 150 G2 every morning, about 1 morning on 7 server doesn't start....

Sometime, during the false start, I can heard some beeps (as hardware problems), some time it seems to be freezed just after the RAM check, sometime seems to be freezed before the HD check, sometimes no messages (I don't see the Bios scree at all)....
Leds of the server (green and red) remain turned on and we can heard the fan at full speed.... (up to when we shutdown the server)

In this situation we can turn on and shutdown different times but the result is always the false start...

We solve this issue opening the box, removing and re-mounting the HD (2 in mirroring); removing and re-mounting the RAM.

After these operations, server will start normally without problems....
If we leave the server on, no problems at all!!

Someone have an idea?? How can we solve this issue?

Thank you in advance.


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Re: ML150 G2 sometime doesn't start

Hey Paolo123,

How about doing a CMOS Reset??.

1)Remove the access panel.
2)Set the system configuration jumper J29 to the Clear CMOS position. All configuration settings are now erased and all system operations halt.
3)Wait for five seconds, and then reset the jumper J29 to the Normal position.
4)Replace the access panel.
5)Power up the server.
6)Reset all system configuration settings.

CAUTION: Clearing NVRAM deletes the configuration information.

Also you can check if the BIOS is upto the latest.

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