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ML150 G2 system ROM versions

Paul Richwine
Occasional Visitor

ML150 G2 system ROM versions

I have a ML150 G2 server with system ROM 2007.08.02 which shows as version 1.58 in msinfo32.

This is newer than the "current" version I see on, which is 2006.06.30 at this time.

Why would my system ROM be newer than what HP is making available through its support page?

Note that the server itself seems to be fine, but I'd like to standardize the servers I administer and this is puzzling. I work for a large organization but I can't get any answers.

Jan Soska
Honored Contributor

Re: ML150 G2 system ROM versions

hello, pretty strange...
Don't you remember if your firmware version came with the box or you did the update?

Proliant Watch
Valued Contributor

Re: ML150 G2 system ROM versions

May be the latest ROM included with the server, yet to be released in
Paul Richwine
Occasional Visitor

Re: ML150 G2 system ROM versions

Jan: I haven't been solely responsible for this server, so I'm not aware of its full history.

I speculate that the system board may have been replaced at one point by our tech repair dept with one containing this newer system ROM, but I can't confirm it. I'd just like to know if this 2007.08.02 ROM is available to the public, and if so, what are its improvements, and how can I obtain it?