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ML150 G2 with SATA RAID1

Occasional Advisor

ML150 G2 with SATA RAID1

We use a ProLiant ML150G2 with two 250GB-SATA-drives, which are configured as RAID-1.
Now we have the problem that only one drive (port 0) contains the topical data and the second drive (port 1) cannot be rebuilt. Rebuilding is stopped with an error message [18].

The problem is not the destination drive (in port 1) but obviously the source drive (in port 0) since a media verify using the SATA BIOS tool showed "disk verification failed"

What can I do to prevent a data loss or how can I mirror the topical drive (in port 0)?

Is it possible to use one of the free ports 2,3 to mirror the drive?

COuld this be a known issue?