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ML150 G3 RAID 10 doesn't work

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ML150 G3 RAID 10 doesn't work

I have done successful test installs of SBS 03 on this system using only the 250GB array that came with the system. Recently I bought the four WD RE3 in order to setup a RAID10 array (since apparently this controller does not allow 3 RAID1 arrays).

When going through the Blue-Screen "Windows Setup", the setup loads all files successfully. However, when it gets to "Setup is starting Windows" the system just hangs. On the tower, the 'System' led turns off and only the 'Power' led remains lit. In other occasions, the system stops the recognizing the monitor and I get a black screen with an "Input signal out of range error".

This only happens when the WD RE3 disks are in a RAID 10 array. If I set two of them up in a RAID 1 the Installation moves past the "Setup is starting Windows" notification. I have tried different iterations of the disks in RAID 1 and they work, so I don't think it's a disk problem.