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ML150 G3 Raid problem

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ML150 G3 Raid problem

I have a ProLiant ML150 G3 with 2 72GB SATA drives connected to the raid card.
Starting the machine, it displays:

<<< Press F8 for HP Embedded SATA Setup! >>>

Controller #00: HostRAID at PCI Bus:00, Dev:1F, Func:02
No Logical Drives Found

Pressing F8 I enter the HostRAID utility.

In the "Array Configuration Utility" I see a menu with 4 voices:

> Manage Arrays
> Create Array
> Add/Delete Hotspare
> Configure Drives

but whatever the menu I choose, I always obtain "No drives detected".

In the "Disk Utilities" also I obtain "No SATA Drives Present".

Why my RAID Card doesn't recognize the SATA drives?

In the bootstrap I see the two SATA disks connected to the LSILogic SAS1068-IR.
How can I create a RAID set?
Patrick Terlisten
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Re: ML150 G3 Raid problem


did you enable the SATA RAID functionality in the BIOS?

Taken from HP ProLiant 100 Series Server
User Guide

1. Power up the server. If the server is already powered, save all data, exit all open applications, and
2. During POST, press the F10 key to launch BIOS Setup Utility. If you fail to press F10 before POST,
you will need to restart the server.
3. In the Advanced menu screen, select IDE Configuration.
4. Select the ATA/IDE Configuration>Enhanced field.
5. Set the Configure SATA field to Enabled.
6. Press F10, then select Yes to save the changes and close BIOS Setup Utility. The server automatically reboots.

Then try to add a RAID volume.

1. Enable SATA RAID functionality in the BIOS Setup Utility
2. After the system reboots, activate the RAID Configuration Utility:
â ¢ For ProLiant ML110 G2 and ML150 G2 Servers, press CTRL+A.
â ¢ For ProLiant ML110 G3, G4, and ML150 G3 Servers, press F8.
3. From the Option menu, select Array Configuration Utility.
4. Verify that two SATA drives are installed.
5. In the Main menu screen, select Create Array from the main menu. The system prompts a selection
of RAID 0, RAID 1, or RAID 10.
6. Select a RAID level.
7. Press Esc. The system automatically configures the RAID level, erasing all existing data on the hard
drives. This process can take up to 50 minutes, depending on drive capacity.
8. After configuration is complete, press Esc to exit the utility.

For more Information take a look in the HP Embedded SATA RAID Controller User Guide.

Best regards,
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Re: ML150 G3 Raid problem


the RAID was already enabled, in fact starting the server I can press F8 to enter the RAID utility. But I can not configure any kind of raid. The message I receive is "No Drives Found". But the disks are connected to the LSI card... :(
Help me...
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Re: ML150 G3 Raid problem

Hello Antonio,

Afaik,ACU will be displayed only if you enabled RAID in the BIOS.
Check for cable connections.

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Re: ML150 G3 Raid problem

Ok Thanks for helping :)
I called the assistance and it seems there is a problem with the LSI card, which doesn't recognize the disks as well.
Tomorrow a techincian is coming to solve the problem...

Thanks a lot!!!