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ML150 G3 pnp memory conflict - ehternet & graphics card

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ML150 G3 pnp memory conflict - ehternet & graphics card

Hi people,


I recently acquired a ML150 G3 server. Intention is to digitize old vcr tapes and rip dvd's for streaming purposes.


To this end I installed a Zotac GT610 pce-x1 graphics card.


Upon boot I keep getting an error. If I check the DMI log it says "pre boot error, pnp memory conflict". It is possible to ignore this error and continue my boot into Windows Server 2012, but it after random periods  'crashes' into a black screen (monitor goes to standby) and I need to physically reboot the system. For whatever time it is working before the crash, I have network connection etc.


Also, with the graphics card installed, wake-on-lan won't work.


Without the graphics card installed, and using the standard onboard vga, I get no errors and the system runs perfectly stable. This would suggest the Zotac card is at least part of the problem. Furthermore, wake-on-lan now does work, suggesting the network adapter is also part of the problem.


Is there a way to resolve this? I am guessing the extra graphic card is conflicting with the onboard network adapter, making wake-on-lan not available and at some random point causing a crash.