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ML150 G3 shutdown by itself

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ML150 G3 shutdown by itself

I have an ML150 G3 and it shutdown by itself and don't want to reboot. After about 2 hours we get it to reboot again, but it shutdown and do the same. We have 2 SATA drive (250GB), 1GB RAM. It is only running windows 2003, peachtree and an application under Access. Peachtree is accesed by 5 users and the Access application is accesed by other 5 users. This server has 3 weeks installed.
Windows logs don't show any error.
And for the server to start, we have practically reset the system by unplugging the drives, removing memories, etc.
PLEASE HELP WITH THIS. Is our second ML150 G3 that gives problem in a month.
Melvin L. Evans
Occasional Advisor

Re: ML150 G3 shutdown by itself

Joe, I have the same exact thing happening for the past two weeks.

Windows Server 2003 (R2) Server on an HP ML150 G3
Microsoft Exchange 2003 running on this server
Raid 1 config with 2 SATA Drives.
Server has an embedded SATA controller in the system board.

HP replaced the system board to correct the rebooting problem.

They also has me update the BIOS/firmware to version 2007.04.14 A (2 May 07)

The rebooting stopped, but I have a locked up keyboard & mouse. I am not sure if there is a relation.

Let me know what if anything you did to resolve your problem please.

Re: ML150 G3 shutdown by itself


Please try the following steps as mentioned below,

i)Uninstalled Network drivers from the device manager.
ii)Reboot the server.
iii)Reinstall the driver from the link

iv)After Driver installation,update the NIC firmware from

v)Then reboot the server.

After this also perform the steps below,
Press the F10 key during POST to enter the System BIOS setup menu.

Select "Advanced."

Select "IPMI."

Select "BIOS POST Watchdog Enable (Change to) Disabled."

Select "Exit/Save BIOS configuration changes."

Reboot the server to allow the changes to take effect.
Install SATA RAID MANAGER utility from
and check if it reports and hard drive errors.
Install HP insight Diagnostic utility from
and Run the offline diags to completely test the Hardware.

Please do the same and update me accordingly.