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ML150 G3 stops responding on Therm-Trip0

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ML150 G3 stops responding on Therm-Trip0

My ML150 G3 stops responding after a while, sometimes after a hour, sometimes after some days.

In the BIOS eventlog:

564 Therm-Trip0 CPU State Asserted, Assertion Time Date

In windows eventlog: Event ID 6008 The previous system shutdown at Time on Date was unexpected.


Time and date are the same in BIOS and windows log.


According to Core Temp 1.0 temperature of cpu has never been above 40C (tJ = 85C)


I don't think the real temperature is the issue.

Cleaning heatsinks - already done

Replacing RAM - Already done

Re-seating CPU - already done\


It has an xeon 5238 2GHz 65nm CPU


Re: ML150 G3 stops responding on Therm-Trip0



We had a similar issue on a Integrity server where we had to replace the CPU.

We had the error as "Thermal Trip on CPU0 -  PROC 0 THERMTRIP"


This is usually caused either by bad CPU or the server is dusty.

Clean the air vents and fans in the server, try to swap the CPU if possible.

Memory (DIMM) and Processor (CPU) Handling or Removing Guidelines


Good Luck!

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Re: ML150 G3 stops responding on Therm-Trip0

Thanks for your reply,

I bought and installed anoter cpu, but the problem is still there.

The server is very clean, cpu temperature has never been above 35 C.

It looks like the motherboard is defect, or can i maybe set an option in the BIOS?