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ML150 G3 system board LED power indicators

Joe Camacho
Occasional Visitor

ML150 G3 system board LED power indicators

My ProLiant ML150 G3 server won't power on. I hear an fast, audible "clicking" sound that is in sync with the following system board power LED indicators: CR1 and CR5. I have removed all components (CPU, memory mocules, expansion cards, SATA cables, fans, etc.) and only have the power connectors from the PSU connected. Thinking it was the PSU, I had it replaced with no luck. Please advise, thanks!

Re: ML150 G3 system board LED power indicators


(CR1) 5V aux power indicator staus = Green means that Auxiliary power present

(CR5) 3.3V power indicator status = Green means that AC power action

As you have already tried replacing the PSU and that did not resolved the issue, please replace the system board on the server.

Try updating the BIOS on the server, before the replacement of the system board.

Take care