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ML150 G5 RAID help needed!

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ML150 G5 RAID help needed!

Hi All

We have a customer, whos HP ML150 G5 went down

The HP engineer has replaced the System Board (thanks!)

Alas, before the server went down the onboard RAID configuration was enabled in the BIOS and there were 2x RAID1's (i.e. 4 sata disks connected to the system board)

Now the server is booting into windows showing all 4 individual disks, as the default configuration is no RAID in BIOS

My question is:

1. If we enable the RAID in the BIOS are the disk going to import and the RAID be there and working?

2.Or will the disks be wiped and will I have to setup new RAID arrays?

3. Or Should I just bite the bullet and go with a Software RAID?

Any help would be grateully received as I have to do this on Friday!


Andy Hickman MCP BSc(Hons)
Honored Contributor

Re: ML150 G5 RAID help needed!

> Now the server is booting into windows showing all 4 individual disks

Did the server actually boot into windows? That means it used one of the two disks as the boot disk and as you know windows does a lot of writing to the disk, so right away the first OS raid pair is no longer valid.

Did you use the other two (non OS) disks? If not, you may be able to restablish the mirror on those.

Take a look at the thread below and only look at the reply dated "Mar 4, 2008 21:10:18 GMT" (7 stepa). It clearly says that you can go from a JBOD disk to raid 1 using the embedded SATA raid controller.

Ensure that your backups are OK, you never know what might happen.
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Re: ML150 G5 RAID help needed!


Many thanks for your great reply

I'm going to give it a go (havent got much to loose except time)

Any ideas on how long a SATA RAID will take to build. Is there a Quick Init option like there are on ML350's?

Does it auto reboot after build? Or do I need to run this over the weekend, then go back on Monday to reboot / pray?


Trusted Contributor

Re: ML150 G5 RAID help needed!

The time depends on the size and controller capabilities.

Also it won't reboot automatically as per my experience