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ML150 G5 SATA Boot Problems

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ML150 G5 SATA Boot Problems

Hi, I have a new ML150 G5

I have 2 X 160Gb SATA II HDD's connected

No Raid has been setup for the two SATA HDD's
I have installed Win SBS2003 on the SATA Drive0 & everything worked ok for a while....

at some point after it was deployed the server will no longer startup without human input (someone hitting the F7 key to specify the bood device)

I have set primary boot device & main SATA hdd as first boot device in the BIOS but even after i have told the BIOS to save the configuration & restart - it never saves the boot device configuration and sets the DVDROM as the primary boot device.

this in itself wouldn't be too much of a problem you may think, except when the DVDROM is set to primary, even if theres no disk in the drive it will never try any of the other boot devices & just displays a message about 'invalid boot media'

If however you press the F7 key on startup to specify the boot device - the SATA drive is always first in the list & has no problems booting up....

....this would be a small matter to myself, but to the customer who has recently had the server installed - it's a big deal & it makes it difficult to remotely manage.

Please Help