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ML150 G5 SATA raid issue

Kieran McCarthy
Occasional Visitor

ML150 G5 SATA raid issue

Hi Guys, I've been searching the forums here looking for an answer to my problem but I haven't found it yet. Apologies if this issue has been resolved elsewhere

I'm installing SBS 2003 on an ML150 G5 server. We bought 3x160 GB SATA drives and intended to use the 250GB drive that came with the server as our 4th drive. Ideally I wanted to be able to create two mirrors from the 4 drives, one for the OS and one for data, using the embedded SATA raid controller.

I configured my drives in the configuration utility as 2 mirrors, the first composing of 2x160GB drives, the other of the remaining 160GB and 250 GB drives. On reboot, their status was showing as optimal.

I began installing SBS 2003 with the embedded SATA raid drivers that I got here as they were the only ones I could see for SATA on the ML150 G5 driver downloads page:

I put them on a USB FDD, pressed F6, loaded the SATA drivers and windows setup recognised my two mirrored drives. However when I went to install on the first of the mirrors (ID 11), it created a RAW partition but couldn't format it, saying it didn't have a system volume Windows recognised, or words to that effect, I don't recall the exact error mesage. Anyway I tried installing on the 2nd mirror (ID 12) and had no issues until I went to My Computer (after Windows had installed) and saw it had installed SBS to the D drive.

I rebooted, cleared the RAID array configuration and configured just two drives as a mirror, hoping it would see it as the C drive. When setup displayed the drives available to me, my single mirror was recognised as ID 12 but I continued with the install anyway. When SBS finished loading the 1st cd it rebooted and I configured the 2nd mirror. When SBS booted I went to Disk Management and saw it had installed to the C drive except the C drive was disk1 instead of disk0! Disk0 was the 2nd mirror and had no partition.

As I type I've cleared the raid configuration and am installing SBS to a single drive with a mirror only for the data drive as I've spent way too much time on this.

So my question is has anyone come across this issue when creating mirrors on an ML150 G5 and being unable to use the first one but having no problems with the second? I don't intend on reinstalling again but will probably need to setup another ML150 G5 in the near future and would like to be able to use two mirrors. My only thought is I used the wrong drivers initially?

Sorry for the length of the post, just wanted to be thorough in the steps I've taken so far. Thanks in advance