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ML150 G6 Processor upgrade and voltage problem

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ML150 G6 Processor upgrade and voltage problem

Ok, for starters I am no expert and nor will I ever claim to be, more like at home level hobbyist...  I took 2 years of the Aries Computer Certification class back in high school in 99-00 so I have a good basic understanding of what does what and how to build and repair machines but here we are...  So take that into consideration lol.  Now to the meat and taters; I recently bought a ProLiant ML150 G6 server from a local computer store that refurbs business class machines (laptop & desktops).   (Win 10 pre-installed)  Came with the usual 2.0Ghz E5504 and a few gb of ram with 2x300gb SAS drives set up in raid to show only 1 drive with 300gb capacity.  Being the tinkerer that I am, an immediate upgrade was in order; so I ordered 2xE5530 2.4 Quads to give it a little kick in the pants lol.  Anyways I changed the original out, installed the 2nd and put on an aftermarket cooler on the 2nd processor because that was the easiest thing to get ahold of at the time. (and yes it seats and is pulled down properly)  . Evenly split the ram and moved some from the 1st processor over to the 2nd and fired it up.  Starts to boot, runs for maybe 30 seconds just fine then just turns off, like you pulled the plug.   Red voltage light is blinking and that's it, no warning no beeping nothing, just instant death.  Pulled the 2nd processor and moved all the ram back to original position and it starts and runs just fine,  Thought maybe the 480 amp wasn't giving it enough juice so I pulled a 650 out of one of my other machines and installed it, same outcome.  Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated as I am about to pull my hair out lol.  

Jimmy Vance

Re: ML150 G6 Processor upgrade and voltage problem

It's been some time since I've touched a system with the LO-100i BMC instead of iLO, so I can't recall what kind of logs it saves, but I'd start by checking the system logs



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