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ML150 G6 RAID Upgrade

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ML150 G6 RAID Upgrade

Hi guys,


I've got a ML150 G6 server, which is doing a fine job at the moment, the only problem with it is that I don't have any sort of RAID setup on it, just a couple of 250GB SATA drives that came with the server. I would like to upgrade this to a 4 drive RAID 0+1. I have been looking in to this, and I'm guessing that a P410 controller, with perhaps 256mb of battery backed RAM would be a good choice of card for the server. The thing I am a little confused about is the backplane. I'm intending to use perhaps 4 SATA 500GB drives. The card says it only has 2 ports on it, so I'm assuming that it connects to the backplane and that sorts it out, seeing as it has 8 SAS channels (ports?). Do I need to replace the backplane to make this work and do I have to use SAS disks, or are SATA ok?

When I have to buy the drives, can I just buy the cages (from HP) and then standard SATA disks, or do I have to get the whole lot from HP (with the extra ~40% cost on the drives)?


I desparately want to understand this, so if anyone could help me out and explain what I need to know, I'd really appreciate it.


Thanks in advance!



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Re: ML150 G6 RAID Upgrade