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ML150 G6 - power on issues and fans running full tilt

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ML150 G6 - power on issues and fans running full tilt

I have a client with a ML150 G6 that has a problem with the fans running at full tilt constantly. The client powered down the server and tried to reboot but when it was down, he couldn't get the server to come back up. THe power on button LED is solid amber. The system health light is a dim green. When I press the power on button the system doesn't power on.


The server has been exposed to gypsum dust (sheet rock) and I've vacuumed the server out but afraid that the damage has been done.

I am wondering if I need to replace the server or is there something that I can do to repair the current problem.

I suspect the power supply isn't getting enough current or the power on switch is gummed up from dust.

I've read that the fan issue isn't uncommon and haven't seen a solution on the forum yet. Maybe some one has a solution to one or both of these issues.