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ML150 g6 + ESX 4.1.0


ML150 g6 + ESX 4.1.0

Has anybody got the ESX 4.1.0 to install with the DVD-ROM thats installed in the ML150 g6?

I've put the CD in booted the server and the install stops when asking for the media files.

It looks like the DVD-ROM isnt loading when Vsphere boots.

Anyone got a driver or fix for this please?

Thanks in advance
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Francois Fournier
Occasional Visitor

Re: ML150 g6 + ESX 4.1.0

I have the same isue.
Workaround was to extrasct the CD onto a usb drive and rescan.
It then installed properly.
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Re: ML150 g6 + ESX 4.1.0

Hopefully the newer build encompass the DVD linux driver in the next build.

Get round this I copied DVD onto datakey and installed from that....

Don't believe the hype, test it first!