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ML150 -> RAID 1

Vjekoslav Balaš
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ML150 -> RAID 1

I have an ML150 with a 36GB SCSI hard drive partitioned(C-Win,D-DATA). I would like to introduce RAID 1.
I have bought 2 72GB SCSI hard disks and need to buy the RAID controller now.

(a)Can the experts suggest a RAID controller ?

(b)I was thinking of just taking out the 36GB drive and putting in the 2 72GBs and having the drives partitioned in same way again i.e.C-Win,D-DATA - or is there a better idea to use the 36GB also?
(BTW - my idea is to also add a USB external hard drive and have Acronis imaging to ensure there is some backup in case of data destruction/virus etc).

(c)Are there any good instructions on how to get the system to RAID 1 ? Was thinking of
- making Acronis image of C and D partitions
- formatting one 72GB drive via Windows CD
- getting the images on the 72GB hard disk
- installing the second 72GB hard disk and having it auto duplicate but am not sure of the
steps for the setting up RAID 1.

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Re: ML150 -> RAID 1

As for the RAID card, an HP or Compaq with memory for the cache and backup, or Adaptec if you do not care about HP care.

As for the setup, we suggest that you leave the OS intact on the 36GB (you do not want to be wasting the RAID card CPU time mirroring your OS and Windows temporay file all day) because even a mirror will not help you when the Windows OS get corrupted as it does, you end up with 2 copies of a corrupted OS. Back it up through an Image file on an external device so you can restore it if it get corrupted.
Create a new RAID 1 with the 2 new 73GB. Move the data from you current data partition on the 36GB to the new RAID partition and then move the Windows Virtual Memory and Temporary directory to the old data partition.
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