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ML150G3 onboard Raid problems...

Mads Storm.
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ML150G3 onboard Raid problems...


Have a problem with a W2K3 installation,
with a data drev of mirroed disk using the onboard raid.

When streaming video to it (aprox. 20mbit/s),
windows crashes and/or uses 100% cpu.
Works just fine streaming non raided.
Sounds like a que/buffer problem ?

The drivers is the newest I could find so are the bios..

Any one know how to solv this problem ?
What are the specs on the onboard raid ??

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Re: ML150G3 onboard Raid problems...

People have a very high expectation for the 150s controller, the years of SCSI I except. So many posts now about speed, config problems, OS installations not recognizing the drives, etc.
Well remember, it is suppose to be an "Entry Level" platform, and I assume HP decided that the controller should be also. Yes, these simple RAID controllers do not perform very well, but give a RAID solution to the masses. Take a look at a robust RAID controller and you will notice the difference, which includes the cost. High-end dedicated processors with read and write caches can create a faster RAID, for it is a difficult job.
On a functional note, removing the OS from the RAID can also help. Windows, as one knows, generates a lot of read/ writes to the install disk, and nothing that you would want duplicated. The Virtual Memory file and Temp files all loaded on the RAID duplication is just a waste of horsepower.

Make Images of the OS when it is changed or functioning the way you want it to protect it, but don't put the load on the RAID, put the OS on a stand alone drive and just data on the mirror set.
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