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John Pickstock
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We have 2 x ML150G6 with similar configuration 2 x hard disks (raid1). After loading the operating system (win 2003 r2) the server can be booted 2 or 3 times after that they will not boot in normal mode, they get as far as the win 2003 splash screen dissappearing and no more. The hard disk led continues to flicker other for as long as you leave it powered up. They will start in safe mode and there is no indication of a problem in the event viewer. We have reloaded the OS numerous times using both the HP and Microsoft supplied disks with the same result on both servers. There is no software other than the operating system loaded. Any clues anyone?
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Re: ML150G6

here goes john,

hope this was a clean install of os
hope you updated all firmware before install with one mem stick only

install on these 100 series servers should be done via Easy setup cd

HP ProLiant ML150 G6 Easy Set-up CD 2.00 (b)
20 Aug 2009

from this link

install other drivers and firmware from the link too especiall the latest bios vers it fixed many issues BIOS - System ROM
Version: 2009.07.06 (18 Aug 2009)

also verify power supplies are both the same wattage if u have 2 of them i have seen a few plauged using the 460 w psu but have not seen similar issues with the 750w as of yet

SPS-POWER SUPPLY, 460 W - 519742-001
SPS-POWER SUPPLY, 750 W - 511778-001

This is how we thank in the forum

enjoy :)
John Pickstock
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Re: ML150G6

Thanks Mark
It was a clean install using the HP supplied easy setup Cd. We also tried a manual install using Microsofts 2003 server disks and manually installing drivers with the same result (no boot after 2 or 3 restarts although 1 of the server did start this morning).
We have a single 460w power supply however we didn't upgrade any of the bios so I'll do that right away and re-install the OS
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Re: ML150G6

John Pickstock, did it help you?