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Re: ML30 G9 Disk working all the time

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ML30 G9 Disk working all the time


I just bought a ML30 G9,  it looks weird to me that the disk it is working almost all the time, also the disk is really noisy, any ideas?

Controller Status OK
Serial Number N/A
Model Dynamic Smart Array B140i Controller
Firmware Version 3.49
Controller Type HPE Smart Array

-Physical Drive in Port 1I Bay 1
Status OK
Model MB1000GCWCV
Media Type HDD
Capacity 931 GB
Location Port 1I Bay 1
Firmware Version HPGH
Drive Configuration Configured
Encryption Status Not Encrypted

Thanks in advance


Jimmy Vance
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Re: ML30 G9 Disk working all the time

HP Smart Array controllers perform a background surface analysis during inactive periods, continually scanning all drives for media defects. HP Smart Array controllers can also detect media defects when accessing a bad sector during busy periods. If an HP Smart Array controller finds a recoverable media defect, the controller automatically remaps the bad sector to a reserve area on the disk drive. If the controller finds an unrecoverable media defect and you have configured a fault-tolerant logical drive, the controller automatically regenerates the data and writes it to the remapped reserved area on the disk drive.


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Re: ML30 G9 Disk working all the time

Thanks Jimmy,

I just have one phisical hard drive configured in smartarray as a logical drive, so my question then is:

is there any way to stop the controller using the disk at all time?