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ML30 Gen 10 Intelligent Provisioning not working


ML30 Gen 10 Intelligent Provisioning not working

Intelligent Provisioning does not appear to work properly when I can finally get to the configuration page. If a usb flash drive is inserted in the internal of front usb ports, the system hangs until I remove the flash drive. It also does not recognize the iso on the flash drive. My remaining option is to attach a virtual drive with the iso. I used the Express OS Install method. Now it's hanging at 91.3% for the past 45 minutes. At some point earlier this week, I was able to install Windows Server 2016 and update the firmware using the latest HP SPP. HP recommended I reset some dip switches. The System Maintenance Switch, position 1,3, 5 and  6. Now I'm stuck. This model server is also not HP certified to use Server 2019 for some reason.




Re: ML30 Gen 10 Intelligent Provisioning not working

Did you install win 2016 using USB or Virtual Media? If using USB, was there any problems installing at that time? which version of SPP did you update at that time? Where is the intelligent provisioning screen stuck?

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