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ML30 Gen10 fan so loud, can't work in the same room

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ML30 Gen10 fan so loud, can't work in the same room

I just bought a ProLiant ML30 Gen 10, during POST is normal that the fan is at high level of noise, but when boot to Windows Server 2019, no matter what I do, the fan is so loud, never stop working even when the system is idle. Is impossible to work in the same room. In the bios I have set the option "Optimal cooling"

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Re: ML30 Gen10 fan so loud, can't work in the same room

Have you installed any additional option cards in the system? Also if you are using SATA AHCI mode of the embedded disk controller, try loading AMS for Windows Server, for Linux systems I have verified this will allow the fan(s) to run at roughly 6% as iLO can get disk temperature through AMS  Refer to this thread

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Re: ML30 Gen10 fan so loud, can't work in the same room

Mine was over the line.  I couldn't get it down even following suggestions.

My original fan speed was Fan1 (Front of case) 31%, Fan2 (Back of case) 15%, Fan3 (CPU) 6%

I decided to unplug Fan1 which set Fan2 to 36%, then I unplugged Fan2 and plugged Fan1 back in which now runs at 6%..

Muuuuuch quieter  Temperatures are all GREEN.

So, that's my advice.  I only have a single m2 Samsung 970 installed via a PCIE adapter with its own heatsink and fan which makes things a lot easier to deal with thermal-wise.


Re: ML30 Gen10 fan so loud, can't work in the same room

Update:  I ended up having more issues with fan noise.  It was getting hotter in my aparment, and I added a new video card which required the extra airflow back.  The fans drove me crazy again.

So, I bought a pair of Noctua 92mm fans and a matching 4-pin controller.  It all hooked up but then the freaking CPU fan started ramping up.  I was able to hook that up to the controller but then got some BIOS warnings and it wouldn't boot.  I reverted, turned off all the fan warnings in the BIOS and then it started up again.  

Finally, a decent amount of airflow with muuuch less noise.  I maxed CPU for a couple minutes and manually adjusted fan so the temp wouldn't get above 120F.  The ilo would not adjust temp (it seems to be stuck at 104F in my case) but using another sw utility I could read it in realtime.

On one hand I appreciate the beefy cooling provided, but on the other, please let us adjust it a bit.  It's completely overkill for anyone using this system at home.  Perhaps we're not the target market, but please consider more dev into the option to control if you do want to open up to home users.  Other than the fan noise this is an INCREDIBLE system that I love working on.  The fans and what I dealt with to get them under control makes it impossible to recommend to anyone though.



Re: ML30 Gen10 fan so loud, can't work in the same room

Final update.  
I ordered another Noctua fan (2200rpm 80mm model) and used that for the CPU. 
Then of course it was the PSU fan that became noticable.  So, I removed the PSU shell, and luckily it's an exact match (80mm) and I ran the PWM cable down to the CPU (which was unused as the other 3 fans were hooked up to the added PWM controller) and now it's truely quiet.  I used the low noise adapter that came with the NF-A8 for the PSU fan and it's blowing just as much if not more air at less than half the noise.



Re: ML30 Gen10 fan so loud, can't work in the same room

Are there any Noctua CPU Coolers that will work with this system?  The fan noise is indeed obtuse... LOL... 

Thanks for the help.

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Re: ML30 Gen10 fan so loud, can't work in the same room

Hi @Mr_DC ,

I have one of these servers at home and am looking at how to I can silence it by replacing and upgrading the fans. 

Would you be able to provide a bit more detail of how you managed to silence your machine?

As all the fan connectors appear to be proprietary I'm concerned I just be wasting my money on shelling out for some Noctua fans only to find i cant plug them in and then get into a world of pain trying to mash something together. Did you just get round this by using an off the self  PWM fan controller?

It would be great to learn how you achieved silence!!



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Re: ML30 Gen10 fan so loud, can't work in the same room

Hi FakeJohnny,

I know this is a late response to your question but hopefully you were able to find a solution. For anyone who reads this now, here is the rest of the details.

I just purchased this same server. I have a background of about 20 years building PC's and servers, and datacenters. Because, like you said, HP is so kind as to use proprietary fan connectors, you'll need to connect the PWM (4 pin) fans to a fan controller. You control the fan speed manually with a nob, bypassing the motherboard's fan control. 

Noctua has one for about $20, (Noctua NA-FC1, 4-Pin PWM Fan Controller) that you just place on the case, or you can get one that fits in one of the 5.25 bays, and there are ones that fit in the pci bracket in the back.


Edit: The best solution I've found is to use Noctua fans paired with a NZXT RGB & Fan Controller and the NZXT CAM software to control the fans. This solution works amazing and even better than the stock fans and mobo fan controller! The NZXT CAM software will automatically control the fan speed based on CPU or GPU temperature (like the stock mobo controller) but you can also display the CPU and GPU temps with a pop out bar on your desktop or by just opening the software.

With the stock CPU and rear fans locked at 100%, I was getting a CPU temp of 50-55 degrees c at system idle. I replaced the CPU and rear fan, and added a front fan (all Noctua), and running them at 40% I’m now getting a CPU temp of 32-37 degrees c at system idle and have yet to get above 60 degrees c.

The NZXT RGB & Fan Controller can control three fans independently, or you can use a splitter to connect all three fans to one port on the Fan Controller or add additional fans if needed. The controller can handle at least three fans per port for a total of nine fans, but it’s based on total watts/fan port, so if you’re adding a lot of fans then check the specs of the NZXT controller and your fans first.

Here is everything I used, and it runs quieter and cooler than stock.

Qty 1 - "Noctua NF-A8 PWM, 80mm 4-Pin Fan" for the CPU.

Qty 2 - "Noctua NF-A9 PWM, 92mm 4-Pin Fan" for the front and rear of the chassis.

Qty 1 - NZXT RGB & Fan Controller

NZXT CAM Software.

You can get everything on Amazon or Newegg, or directly from the Noctua and NZXT websites.

I can provide pictures of my setup, installation instructions, and/or links if needed – just ask.


Re: ML30 Gen10 fan so loud, can't work in the same room

its same my problem and i  fixed by remove the new M.2 ssd 
now fan speed not noise
how to fix it if u want add M.2 2TB