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ML310 G1 Disk Upgrade?

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ML310 G1 Disk Upgrade?

Can you add an internal Two-bay Hot-Plug SCSI drive cage to this configuration?

ML310 G1

Integrated Wide Ultra3 single channel controller

The current disk config is:
IDE Controllers - CDRom and one 40GB HD.
Integrated SCSI Ultra3 - Two 36GB drives currently at id 0 and 1 (Mirrored).

They want to add the hot swap cage to the single channel controller.

If this can be done, will the logic board on the cage manage the id's for drives installed in it?

Any information will be helpful. I suggested an array controller but they do not want to go that route if they can avoid it. Even if performance is affected!

Thank you
Rajashekar Chintakunta
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Re: ML310 G1 Disk Upgrade?

Hi Live2Ride,

You can add the ML3xx Internal Two Bay Hot Plug(Option part:244059-B21, Spare: 253761-001) and basically the it ID that are free that would be assigned but if you donot want to take any risk.

Remove the bare harddisk from the Hdd hotplug caddy and you could manually assign the IDs to the Hdds. The last 4 pins(reading from left to right) are used for setting the ids.

Refer the following link:

Hope this helps.

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Re: ML310 G1 Disk Upgrade?


Thanks for the information but I also want to make sure I was clear on this question. They want to add the cage in addition to this config. Meaning that the drives 0&1 will remain where they are at. They have purchased one new 300GB drive to occupy one slot in the cage.

I guess my question is can the drive cage be connected to an open connector/port on the cable that is already connecting drives 0&1 to the onboard W/ultra3 SCSI controller?

Thanks again