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ML310 G2 RAID Controllers

Robert Angell
Occasional Visitor

ML310 G2 RAID Controllers

I have just discovered from a previous post, that to increase the S-ATA RAID Level from RAID 1 to RAID 5 on a ML310 G2, requires the installation of the 6-port S-ATA RAID Controller. This is because the integrated S-ATA RAID Controller only supports 2 drives in RAID mode.
I understand all this, but would like to know, if I was to install the 6port S-ATA RAID card for use with the S-ATA Hotswap Cage, will it pick up the RAID configuration from the current Hard Drives? Or will it require a rebuild of the Server?
And if it does pick up the RAID Config, will I then be able to change the RAID level from RAID 1 to RAID 5, without having to rebuild?


Robert Angell
Robert S. Carr
Trusted Contributor

Re: ML310 G2 RAID Controllers


Yes, you can convert from RAID 1 to RAID 5. First, backup your data. After adding in additional disks, go into the ACU (array config util), select the Configuration Wizard, then select the option for 'Migrate a logical drive'. It will then guide you through the required steps and create a RAID 5.

The second way, using rebuilding, is to de-activate the redundant partition of the RAID 1 and reboot the computer. Now you should have 1 active disk and 2 (or more) disks sitting there doing nothing. Just setup a new RAID 5 and let the machine complete it's work.

As for the new card picking up the old RAID config, I don't know. I'd backup first then give it a try.

You mentioned a Server rebuild. Are you using UNIX, Linux, or Windows?

If using Linux, you may have to recompile the kernal and add RAID 5 support if not not already there.

Final tip, only hook the RAID drives to the controller. In other words, if there are other SATA devices that will not be part of the RAID, move them to a separate controller.

Good luck.

Robert Angell
Occasional Visitor

Re: ML310 G2 RAID Controllers

Cheers for the reply Robert. The Server is Windows based, so it isn't any major problem to rebuild the Server, but I would obviously prefer not to.
I've managed to score myself sometime to take a look at the HP Lab here in Wellington, NZ to check out the ML310s and the different RAID controller options etc, so we'll see what comes out of that.