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ML310 G4 64B raid GUI for win10

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ML310 G4 64B raid GUI for win10


I'm lookig after a ML310 G4 supporting a bespoke Borland database, (Yes I know is rather legacy).

1 drive failed in the mirrored raid and Ive replaced it, but need to rebuild the mirror. I've tried the normal method of rebuilding the array using controller interface, but it will only rebuild to a new array therefore wiping all my data etc.

Does anybody know which GUI program works to enable me to rebuild the mirror on the fly???? all the ones i've tried on the G4 and G5 driver/software pages dont connect to controller. (I believe the G4 and G5 drivers to being the same)

Any help gratefully received.



Re: ML310 G4 64B raid GUI for win10

After the operating system gets restarted, Rebuild and Background Surface Analysis must initiate by itself and the operations are managed by the Smart Array Controller. If the rebuild operation experience errors or is not initiated by itself then we can try the following:

1. Run a File System Check to fix any File System Issues and Restore from a Backup (Sequential Read Operation)
2. Ensure that Controller Firmware/Driver are latest to avoid known issues
3. We can use the HP ProLiant Array Diagnostics and SmartSSD Wear Gauge Utility (GUI and CLI) for Windows Version: Feb 2013) for managing Smart Array Controller Operations within OS

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