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ML310 G4 - Setup of Hardware RAID1

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Colin A

ML310 G4 - Setup of Hardware RAID1

I have just brought a brand new ML310 G4 with two SATA 160GB hot-plug drives. All components of the server are standard HP, nothing has been added.

I want both drives to be setup to a hardware based RAID1 configuration, and I want to use the Smartstart assisted installation to install MS SBS 2003 Standard.

I start the server, I enable the embedded SATA controller, I then press F8 to confugure the drives. I set both drives up to work in a RAID1 configuration and make the array "active". I then reboot the server to run the Smartstart installation. Smartstart then states that "The Primary Controller configuration in your system is not supported by this version of Smartstart". Smartstart v7.80 HP Emebbeded SATA RAID (BIOS V4.7-6 B2067) "INTEL(R) 82801GR SATA RAID CONTROLLER" I have checked the Firmware versions on the server by downloading the latest Firmware CD 7.70. Is what I am trying to do supported on this server..?, it seems that this is the config that most people would use..?.

Can any one tell me how I must set this server up to use hardware RAID1..?
Trusted Contributor

Re: ML310 G4 - Setup of Hardware RAID1

HP Emebbeded SATA RAID is not a Smart Array Controller and thats why you cannot start using the SmartStart CD.

The embeddedd SATA Controller Supports RAID 0 and 1.You have to install Windows manually
and load the SATA controller drivers during the installation
Colin A

Re: ML310 G4 - Setup of Hardware RAID1

Thanks for that, so I would setup the RAID1 first by selecting F8 to go into the SATA config.., once that is done..., then install Windows...?, adding the SATA drivers as and when requested...?
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Re: ML310 G4 - Setup of Hardware RAID1

yes configure the raid level pressing F8on POST when the controller is detected

once configure RAID level, install windows press F6 when is asking for additional drivers for RAID

once you press F6 windows is going to asked for the driver (use a floppy drive to included)


that's is

Didn't your momma teach you to say thanks!
Ajoy Rajan
Occasional Visitor

Re: ML310 G4 - Setup of Hardware RAID1

I have the same problem and I have tried to boot the server with OEM server 2003 but it goes to preinstallation XP and then stops at the command prompt. Could you please help me with the installation.
Colin A

Re: ML310 G4 - Setup of Hardware RAID1

What you have to do is...

1.Boot up the server. In BIOS, Press F9 and enter setup, go to the ADVANCED options and ENABLE the SATA controller.

2.When the server reboots, again in BIOS, press F8 at the SATA Controller section and create a RAID1 array. This will setup HARDWARE RAID1. SOFTWARE RAID1 is not advised as it is not as resilient.

3.You cannot use Smartstart 7.80 to build this server as the controller is not supported. You must do a manual install of MS SBS 2003 R2. Once complete, put the Smartstart CD in, and install the HP Smartstart management software.

Hope this is okay... It's the only way to do it as far as I know....