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ML310 G5 Raid1 Drive Replace

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ML310 G5 Raid1 Drive Replace

Let me start by saying I'm not an IT pro by any means and my knowledge with servers is limited.  I also tried searching various things in this forum and searching the web but still have questions without answers.


We have a Proliant ML310 G5 running Windows 2008 W32.  It was purchased in 2008.  Is configured in Raid 1 with two 250gb drives.  Upon boot HP array controller (I assume) is telling me SMART on drive #2 has failed and should be replaced.  I ordered and just received the replacement drive for it however I'm not sure on the correct procedure to replace on this server.  The controller does not seem to be hot-swap capable so assume the computer needs to be off.  




1)  If I power off, replace the defective drive, and reboot will it automatically detect and rebuild the array or do I need to go into a drive utility first?


2)  The System Rom, Drive Controller, etc has probably never been updated.  How can I find out the version numbers for these that are currently installed so I know to update them?  Or, can I just use the Online Update Utility?  Is this installed by default or do I need to install and is it accessible via the Bios or somewhere else?





Re: ML310 G5 Raid1 Drive Replace



If the drives are Hot Plug, you can replace it online, no need to switch off the server.

To check the firmware versions, check during POST, alternatively check the System Management Homepage and Array Diagnostic Utility report.


Check this document.


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I am a HP employee.

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Re: ML310 G5 Raid1 Drive Replace

I'm not completely sure but don't think they are hot swappable.  How can I tell?  There are no LED lights on the individual drive bays so assume they are not.  


Also, whether they are or are not how will the array be detected and rebuilt?  Will it be automatic once the new drive is inserted or do I need to go into the drive configuration utility and add the new drive as a spare drive so the controller knows to rebuild it?



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Re: ML310 G5 Raid1 Drive Replace

Ok...I have a new question.  I put in a new drive in place of the failing drive, exact same manufacturer, part #, & size.  Booted into HP Embedded Sata Raid Configurator and performed a full format on the drive (took about 17 hours to do this).  Once done I re-booted back into the Raid Config and set the drive as a spare.  However, when trying to rebuild the array it gives me a message that either the array cannot be rebuilt (not sure why this would be) or that the size of the spare is not right.


So when I check the disks it lists them as the same size.  However, when going into the "Manage Array" screen it reports the spare drive as being .1 GB less than the other drive (the one trying to rebuild array from).  This has me stumped.  The drive I installed is the same size, manufacturer, and part # of the drive I took out.  Also did a full format.  


Do I need to go in and actually configure the drive (not sure what this does, just says it will round off the size of the disk)?  I did not want to mess with this and risk screwing up the array info and losing data.  Not sure what to do at this point in time.