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ML310 G5 SATA Raid, cannot install 2008 R2

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ML310 G5 SATA Raid, cannot install 2008 R2

Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated!
I am trying to install Windows Server 2008 R2 enterprise edition on an ML310 with 4 SATA drives.
I have:-
1) Run the firmware update CD 8.60 in offline mode
2) set the embedded sata raid to "enabled" in the Bios
3) Booted with the SmartStart 8.30 CD. This allows me to set up an array - I have used 2 drives as a Raid 1 mirrored array.
4) I follow the prompts on the SmartStart and then put the Microsoft DVD in when requested.
5) it copies files, gets to the end and then shuts down. After 30 sec or so it restarts.
6) It attempts to start windows (the green bars on the bottom of the screen) and then reboots. It then says Windows failed to start properly and offers all the usual options.

What am I doing wrong please??
I can install quite happily on a single HDD when RAID is switched off in the BIOS

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Re: ML310 G5 SATA Raid, cannot install 2008 R2

Evetually found the problem!
DO NOT use the SmartStart CD if you have the EMBEDDED SATA RAID - it incorrectly identifies the controller as a B110i SATA Raid controller and lets you configure it - but it must tell windows that it is theB110i and the install fails at the boot up after the "Expanding Windows Files" phase.

Also, beware that the required driver is "HP Embedded G5 SATA RAID Controller Driver for Microsoft Windows Server 2008 x64 Editions" - cp009516.exe which is NOT listed if you select Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 when looking for drivers and downloads for the ML310 G5 (Thanks HP!)

So, download the cp009516 and run it to extractt he files to a USB drive, plug it in and reboot the server with the Windows installation DVD in the drive. F9 to enable the Embedded SATA Raid under Advanced Options in the bios and then configure the Array using F8 when the POST says pressF8.
When Windows install asks "Where do you want to install Windows" click "Load Drivers" and browse to driver location.
Select the only option "Adaptec Serial ATA HostRaid (aarahci.inf)"

Easy when you know how!
I hope this saves somebody else the time I have wasted over this....

Fabio Melloni
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Re: ML310 G5 SATA Raid, cannot install 2008 R2

Thank you so much Phil

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Re: ML310 G5 SATA Raid, cannot install 2008 R2


having the same problem while install small business server 2011 essentials. it really sucks. i had 2 chat sessions with hp support and there was no help yet.


now i am trying the drivers that you posted here. sbs2011 is 2008r2 so there is a small hope :)


i am really sad that there is so bad support from hp with this new os...



also they say that 310g5p will be compatible with sbs2011.   


what does the "p" mean? thanks