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ML310 G5 - embedded sata raid

Andy Elston

Re: ML310 G5 - embedded sata raid

I just dont understand what they're playing at? Surely it's an obvious configuration that alot of businesses will want to use on a budget server? Nice and simple you'd think to have 2 SATA disks running in RAID 1...not exactly groundbreaking technology is it!

No doubt I'll buy HP again, just becuase they are so solid. This is the first time I've hit anything like this with them, where such a simple install has been a nightmare. 2 years on and they havent bothered to address the problem. It wouldnt take them 10 mins to throw a driver together with the resources they have but they've decided to just ignore it. Not very impressive to say the least.
Regular Advisor

Re: ML310 G5 - embedded sata raid

it is all about money. with ml330/350 there is no problems but HP must compete with this lower end servers. this is one part what is paying off for that battle.