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ML310 SATA RAID Support

Erik Ableson
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ML310 SATA RAID Support

I have an interesting issue here. I've got an ML310 G3 with 4 500 Gb drives installed.

Issue #1 : The web documentation claims that the embedded SATA controller supports RAID 5 which appears to be false as the RAID configuration only shows RAID 0 & 1 as options.

Issue # 2 : The real problem. I have configured the drives as two RAID 1 pairs, but when I go to install Fedora Core 5 on the machine, it does not see the RAID volumes. It sees the individual drives directly.

Issue # 3 : The included SmartStart package (v7.40) does not support the embedded SATA controller and doesn't see _any_ disks at all.

Issue # 4 : There are a number of rpm level patches and utilities available on the HP site for correcting some of the issues regarding the support for the embedded SATA RAID devices, except that they are all RPMs - there are no driver disk images which are required for installation at boot time. Since the boot process always sees the exact same drives, having the drivers post install is not really very useful.
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Re: ML310 SATA RAID Support

RAID 5 is definitely NOT supported by embedded controler.

Bear in mind it is a strange mix of hardware / software solution though:
"The system must also have the RAID controller in the BIOS enabled and the Intel Matrix Storage Technology software driver installed. Please consult your system vendor for more information."

When you visit Intel web pages it clearly shows that only Windows environment is supported at the moment:〈=eng&strOSs=All&submit=Go%21

Don't panic! [THGTTG]