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ML310 and AIT35 IDE tape drive

Greg Starstrom
Occasional Visitor

ML310 and AIT35 IDE tape drive

I am trying to install a AIT35 IDE tape drive in a ML310. The manual instructs me to set the devices to CS (cable select) with the CD rom as 0 and the Tape drive a 1. We are using Backup Exec 8.6. In this configuration Backup Exec cannot see tape drive even though the OS (Windows Server 2K) indicates the drive is working properly after the driver is installed. I also noticed the machine hangs during boot for 30 seconds then continues to boot fine. The only work arround I have found is to set the Tape drive as the Master and the CD rom as Slave however this disables the ability to boot from a cdrom.
Gert Luyten
Respected Contributor

Re: ML310 and AIT35 IDE tape drive

Can you use the W2K Backup software with this tape device? If yes, I would say it's a BENT problem (maybe the driver).
BENT 8.6 is tested with the AIT-35GB IDE device so no problem there.
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