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ML310 time and date going nuts

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ML310 time and date going nuts

Hi, the date and time on my ML310 is going nuts. The time varies all day and the date will not shift at all.  Weird.


I have reinstalled the server with Windows 2008 server and the same happens. What is wrong?


Any tips appreciated.

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Re: ML310 time and date going nuts



This issue could occur if Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP) on iLO,  do not properly note a transition to Daylight Savings Time (or Summer Time) for certain time zones south of the equator.


When the transition occurs, iLO does not properly adjust the time for iLO event log entries. The time displayed on the iLO event log entries is not adjusted for Daylight Savings Time.


If you are using older version of iLO, please upgrade the iLO and check if the issue is resolved. 


If not, as a workaround, perform either of the following:


  • Configure iLO with a time zone that has the correct time offset.
  • Disable SNTP so that iLO 3 and iLO 4 uses the time of the server.

You can find more details from the below URL:



Renji V


I am an HP employee.

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Re: ML310 time and date going nuts

Hi Cabo, what Renji said seems indeed the most likely solution.
However if it's an old server and the issue occurs after powering off the server you might want to try with a new CMOS-battery.
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