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ML310E Gen8 V2 and P410 Smart Array

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ML310E Gen8 V2 and P410 Smart Array

Hi all,

New to forum, not so new to Servers and Windows NT, Server 2003/8 etc and Novell.
I have an HP ML310E Gen8 V2 server with 4 x 4tb HDDs, I’m hoping to use Raid 5 and the onboard only allows 0, 1 & 10 iirc, I’ve been recommended to find a HP P410 Controller with 1gb and battery and have been assured it will work, however the company trying to sell me some Ram and Controller are saying the controller won’t work and I need the P420 which is natural more expensive.

Can anyone confirm they’ve had a P410 working in the same server?
I’m itching to buy the controller but can’t afford to make a mistake and then end up with a controller that is no use or even worse can’t resell it.

Re: ML310E Gen8 V2 and P410 Smart Array

Hi Mark,

As per quickspecs for the server, the supported Smart Array Controller is P420 and not P410.

From hardware perspective, it is recommended to use the supported controller only.



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