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ML310e Gen8 memory voltage

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ML310e Gen8 memory voltage

Hello guys,


I noticed on ML310e Gen8 with E3-1220v2 that LV SmartMemory runs at 1.5V intead of 1.35V


I have 2x 647907-B21 (HP 4GB 2Rx8 PC3L-10600E-9 Kit)

Power profile: Balanced Power and Performance

Power regulator mode: HP Dynamic Power Savings mode

Also tried setting: Optimized for Power for memory


I habve latest FW versions (to date Sep. 11).


Is LV memory supported on this server or it will always run at 1.5V?


Re: ML310e Gen8 memory voltage



LV memory is supported on this server model according to the QuickSpecs.


Here is an extract from RBSU user guide:

Gen8 systems support both LV-DIMMs (1.35V) and 1.5V-only DIMMs. LV-DIMMs can switch to 1.5V capacity in turbo mode. At 1.35V, they can match the performance of 1.5V DIMMs in most situations, but in some limited configurations, must switch to 1.5V for maximum speed.

Optimized for Power -Low voltage DIMMs run at 1.35V, even if this requires memory to run at a lower frequency. The system does not allow 1.35V operation unless all installed DIMMs in the system are low voltage DIMMs.


Just make sure all DIMM installed in the server is of LV.


Thank You!
I am a HP employee.

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Re: ML310e Gen8 memory voltage



according to Intel datasheet, E3-1200 v2 does not support DDR3L at 1.35V


page 11


• DDR3 and DDR3L DIMMs/DRAMs running at 1.5V
• No support for DDR3L DIMMs/DRAMS running at 1.35V
• Support memory configurations that mix DDR3 DIMMs/DRAMs with DDR3L DIMMs/DRAMs running at 1.5V
"problem" solved :)