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ML310e g8 SMH empty

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ML310e g8 SMH empty


i've installed a new ml310e g8 with hp windows 2012 foundation using the F10 method(which incidentally isn't the best as it didn't creaqted the 100mb recovery partition... but that's another story) and i find that the SMH is empty.

management processor shows "none", data source shows "empty"

i've upgraded SMH as the version the F10 deploys is quite outdated to no avail, i even installed SNMP on the server(which i don't need) and it's the same.


any ideas?

ernst limbrunner
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Re: ML310e g8 SMH empty



by default hp does not install snmp or web agents anymore by default.


the ilo is set to "agentless management"


and this configuration does not support the SMH.


you have to install the agents manually using the most current servicepack for proliant.



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