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ML330 G2 & Upgrading hard drives

Matthew Wootton
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ML330 G2 & Upgrading hard drives

I have an ML 330 G2 server with two 18GB hard drives connect ed to a SA 431 controler (Raid 1)which I want to upgrade to 72GB hard drives.

I am concerned that adding these two additional drives may cause over heating and instability in the server so I was considering swaping them out.

To do this, I was going to remove one of the 18GB drives and replace with 72 GB drive, then allow server to rebuild the mirror. After that is complete, remove the first 18 GB drive and replace with the second 72 GB drive and aloow to mirror.

Is this a feasible option?? and will I then be able to partition the extra disk space as I wish?



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Re: ML330 G2 & Upgrading hard drives

That is exactly true. The procedure will leave you with the balance above 18GB as free space.
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