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ML330 G3 CPU upgrade?

Jason Herring
Occasional Visitor

ML330 G3 CPU upgrade?

Hi, I have an older ML330 G3 (2.4G Prestonia, socket 604) I am re-purposing and would like to upgrade to dual-processor.

Can I use any Xeon 2.4B (533 FSB/512K) processor? Could I take the opportunity to upgrade to the later Gallatin-series processors (3.2G/533FSB) or even a faster pair of Prestonia 3.06Ghz procs?

It's a 348294-001 if that helps.

Honored Contributor

Re: ML330 G3 CPU upgrade?

Theoretically any CPU that is in the same family should work. The quick specs mention 2.8 and 3.06 GHz.

However there was a thread in these forums a few months back, where someone had added an identical spec nonHP cpu and the server would not see it. The speculation was (not proven) that HP gets CPUs with a special serial number sequence and the server BIOS checks for that special serial number sequence during boot up and if it does not find it, it does not use the CPU.
I could not find that thread and don't remember which server model it was for but it was definitely for a proliant server.

I am not saying this applies to you but If you have the CPU on hand, you can try it out but if you don't you will be risking spending money and not being able to use the cpu.