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ML330 G3 Fan speed/noise

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Med C.
Occasional Visitor

ML330 G3 Fan speed/noise

Hi everyone!

This is for me the first time I write in the famous HP forum ;-)

So here is my problem, I just buy the ML330 G3 for testings by my home but the problem is the noise that the famour system fan.
I tried to remove it but of course it is not allowed by the bios or else.
The goal is to of course work in "silence" just next to this server. I may implement either a better cooling system or if really needed a watercooling system. But even with this I am not sure that the system fan will not use his high speed when the processors are "on burn". I do not know if I can put an other fan or not because the plug system is not usual (like normal PC).

I hope someone could help me?
Many thanks in advance!
Frequent Advisor

Re: ML330 G3 Fan speed/noise

Hi Med,

Before you replace the fan, update the system ROM and check the status.

Med C.
Occasional Visitor

Re: ML330 G3 Fan speed/noise

Hi KiranKumar,

Thanks for your answer, but I should have answer that I download the last firmware CD last week end proceed to an upgrade of my Rom in the same time so I have the last version (D15).

Do you have anymore ideas?
Igor Karasik
Honored Contributor

Re: ML330 G3 Fan speed/noise

Hi Med,
Do you have Proliant support pack installed ?
Proliant support pack contains advanced system management driver which control fan speed.

And Running The HP ASM Driver And Agents On ProLiant Servers

"System Fan Control
For some ProLiant servers that include multi-speed fans, the HP ASM driver controls the speed of the system fans. When the internal ambient temperature of the server is high, the HP ASM driver ensures that the fans are running at high speed to allow proper heat dissipation. When the internal ambient temperature is within acceptable limits, the HP ASM driver decreases the speed of the fans. This helps to reduce server fan noise and preserve the life of the fans.

Without the HP ASM driver loaded, the system fans may constantly run at high speed."